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To schedule an appointment or to register for a class or Reiki share, call JoAnn at 203.438.3050 or e-mail her at

Office hours are available by appointment in Ridgefield and Redding, CT. Classes are held typically in Redding and Ridgefield, CT and surrounding towns. Check the list of classes for locations.


"Listen to your heart above all other voices." Marta Kagan



Contact:JoAnn Inserra Duncan at 203.438.3050 or e-mail at
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JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS

Turning Point Reiki, LLC

Ridgefield and Redding, CT


Specializing in Healing Core Issues and Care for Individuals with Cancer, Back Pain,
Lyme Disease and Other Tick Born Illnesses

Energy Healing Sessions and Classes

Reiki Certification Classes

Call for more information 203.438.3050